Karl may - winnetou

Karl hears horrific tales of savages that inhabit this vast land, but he soon learns that in this penultimate year of the American civil war, the white man is far from the paragon of civilization he claims to be. Brutality, racism and immorality accompany the relentless quest for conquest and profit in the name of progress. Justice is a distant illusion, and survival depends on the speed of a man’s draw or the power of his fist. Karl understands only too quickly that the invisible ‘injuns’ are far from his only worries. A fight with Rattler, the belligerent leader of the uncouth frontiersmen that accompany the surveyors, not only earns Karl the nickname ‘Old Shatterhand’ but also the enmity of Rattler and his men. Karl is lucky that Sam, Will and Dick watch his back as he does the survey work that the rest of the apathetic team loath to carry out.

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Karl May - WinnetouKarl May - WinnetouKarl May - WinnetouKarl May - Winnetou