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Many who have known him for years regard Mr. Gillespie as a centrist and a pragmatist — in other words, an establishment Republican of the sort loathed by the party’s ascendant Trump loyalists. Yet by hiring a provocateur such as Mr. Morgan and using Confederate monuments as a wedge issue, he may be solidifying the GOP base while at the same time courting white nationalists already energized by Mr. Trump’s race-baiting.

The first book in the Butch Karp series, No Lesser Plea (1987), shows Karp’s (the main character) trials and tribulations to stop a murderer who is trying to escape punishment by manipulating the law. Roger “Butch” Karp, the Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, has a deep understanding of New York. Despite being here long enough and realizing that the judicial system can be cynical and dirty, Roger still has a deep belief in justice. So, the firecracker Assistant DA Marlene Ciampi teams up with Karp when a sociopath tries to show incompetency to stand a trial to dodge a murder charge. Their relenting and dynamic quest unleashes the full force of their hard-boiled wit, energy and quest for the truth. The truth will at one time put the terrorist away forever. They vow to accept no less plea. Karp prosecutes Mandeville Louis in his first murder case. Mandeville is a killer and feigned insanity with the hope that the court will forget him hence protecting himself from the trial. But Karp is determined and will not let the criminal justice system be abused. Mandeville Louis emerges as self-proclaimed armed robber and vicious killer who have ever survived in Ney York City. The moment Karp tries to put Mandeville behind the bars, he is caught up in the ’s office politics. This comes as a result of petty bureaucrats struggle in order to control their power and turf. The realistic novel explores Karp’s colorful co-workers and his private life and addresses legal issues in the current generation.

Da Known Felons Known Felons On The RunDa Known Felons Known Felons On The RunDa Known Felons Known Felons On The RunDa Known Felons Known Felons On The Run