Deerhunter - cryptograms - fluorescent grey

It looks like a whole lot of nonsense, right? Well, to many people, for many hundreds of years, it was nonsense - and the simple substitution cipher worked just fine to keep secret documents just that: secret. But eventually people started to realize these ciphers could be broken quite easily, using nothing but simple pattern recognition, frequency analysis and a general knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Soon enough, simple-substition ciphers were no longer enough to keep encoded documents safe from prying eyes, and those who wanted to keep their secrets secret moved on to more complex encryption methods.

Following the failed session Deerhunter returned to Atlanta. The group became acquainted with punk band Liars , who encouraged them to give recording a second try. [6] For their second attempt, Deerhunter returned to the same rural Georgia studio in which they had recorded their debut album Turn It Up Faggot . [1] This time successful, the album was recorded in two parts: the first half was recorded over one day-long session, completely filling the reel of tape the band had brought with them. The last song of this recording session, "Red Ink", ends with the tape spinning off the reel. [1] The second half, recorded months later over a single day in November, begins with the song "Spring Hall Convert". During this recording session Cox had the flu, and his congestion caused his voice on the album's pop tracks to sound "really weird […] I always thought I would go back and redo them, but we never did." [8]

Deerhunter - Cryptograms - Fluorescent GreyDeerhunter - Cryptograms - Fluorescent GreyDeerhunter - Cryptograms - Fluorescent GreyDeerhunter - Cryptograms - Fluorescent Grey