Various purple waves

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On 11 February 2016, the LIGO and Virgo Scientific Collaboration announced they had made the first observation of gravitational waves . The observation itself was made on 14 September 2015, using the Advanced LIGO detectors. The gravitational waves originated from a pair of merging black holes. [7] [8] [9] After the initial announcement the LIGO instruments detected two more confirmed, and one potential, gravitational wave events . [10] [11] In August 2017, the two LIGO instruments, and the Virgo instrument, observed a fourth gravitational wave from merging black holes, [12] and a fifth gravitational wave from a binary neutron star merger . [13] Several other gravitational-wave detectors are planned or under construction. [14]

Various Purple WavesVarious Purple WavesVarious Purple WavesVarious Purple Waves